With TeckChek from Bookman Testing Services Inc., a subsidiary of Knowledge Universe, school districts now can assess the IT skills of job candidates and current employees effectively.

TeckChek offers three versions of its self-administered tests that are delivered remotely at the convenience of the test-taker. TeckChek Complete is an hour-long test that covers all aspects of technology. TeckChek Essentials is a half-hour test about the critical components of a technology. Both of these tests rank the test-taker in percentiles against others who also have taken the same test, and they list the test-takers’ specific strengths and weaknesses. QwikChek is a 30-minute assessment covering all aspects of technology, but with a much broader focus. This test is ideal for determining a candidate’s knowledge before spending much time or money.

TeckChek’s secure online system ensures that job candidates do not engage in any unauthorized activity during the test. Once the test is complete, the TeckChek system automatically eMails the employer. The scores can be retrieved and analyzed online using the system’s management reporting features.

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