Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove’s effort to put a computer in every public classroom in the state by late 2002 is on track, but more money is needed to finish the project, a state official says.

“Right now, we have an immediate need of $2 million to fund the remainder of the 6,300 computers which have to be installed by the first of the school year,” said Michael Boyd, policy and planning director for Musgrove.

Boyd said a recent survey of 30,000 classrooms statewide showed that only 12,602 did not have internet accessible computers.

The $28 million total project is the largest public-private partnership in the nation, Musgrove said in May. Musgrove and the leader of Entergy Mississippi traveled the state in a bid to raise the additional $2 million from private donors. About $4 million has been raised already.

Blake Wilson, president of the Mississippi Economic Council, said communities are getting on board with the project because they can see where their money is going.

“Every dollar raised–100 percent–goes to the purchase of the computers and the training of teachers to use them,” Wilson said. “This is not just to put computers in the corner of the classroom to collect dust.”