“spaceKids” was developed by Space.com, a space science web site that offers rich, compelling, entertaining, and educational content for everyone, from astronauts to educators to kids. spaceKids uses IBM’s HotMedia technology for its zoom-in capabilities and features EarthKam, a series of images taken by satellite and provided in a fast, easy format for downloading. The site includes a photo gallery of actual images of heavenly bodies, from comets, to asteroids, to sun storms, to craters. It also provides students and teachers with great movie clips of shuttle missions, liftoffs, famous moments in space history, and television clips. Kids can participate in an “Ask the Experts” chat on the site, in which astronomy and space science experts answer questions on any of 26 different topics, from the moon, to telescopes, to galaxies. The Solar System portion of the site begins with a virtual tour of the corner of the universe we call home, and it answers questions about some of our solar system’s leading characters, such as our sun, the planets, and their satellites. Students with Flash 4 and Shockwave capability also can play space-related educational games. spaceKids includes a “Just for Teachers” segment, with lesson plan modules for using the site in classroom instruction. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this colorful, interactive, and entertaining resource.