Teach for Tomorrow (TFT) debuted as a pilot program among 25 Michigan educators during the 1998-99 school year. Today, more than 450 facilitators in more than 175 school districts have been trained as TFT facilitators. The program is designed by educators to meet the unique needs of teachers who seek to make the best use of the internet in their classrooms. Use of the program’s web site is free with registration. Every “member” receives a web-based portfolio to use as a tool for their own planning, reflection, collaboration, and recording of ideas and web links. The site contains useful online resources and activities, and it helps teachers understand how to use internet technology and content for instruction, presentation, lesson planning, research, and collaboration. TFT begins with an introduction to internet tools, then moves into more complex topics. Some of these include best uses of the internet with students, bookmarks and web pages as teacher tools for instruction, learning and teaching online search strategies, curriculum planning with the internet, and how to learn and teach web page authoring. The online course materials can be used by a teacher for independent online learning, by a group of teachers working with a trained facilitator, or by a trainer (media specialist, technology coordinator, or teacher) working with a school- or district-based group of teachers. This site is very useful for training reluctant technology users in your district.