TECHtionary is a great resource for school network administrators who really need to understand and explain complex technical concepts and systems. It may also be the first animated dictionary on telecommunications, data networking, and internet technology. The site is simple to use, but a relatively speedy internet connection to load its animations is preferable. It is best viewed with Internet Explorer and Flash 5, both of which can be downloaded right from TECHtionary’s home page. To look up a term, users simply roll their mouse over the first letter of the item they want to understand and see animated, and a pop-up list of all terms for that letter appears. When users click on the correct term, the site’s ingenious creators supply them with an animated clip that delineates exactly how that hardware, software, system, or concept works. For instance, to get a better understanding of what a LAN switch does, users can click on that term for a short clip and a definition. TECHtionary is a great resource for school technology coordinators who need to explain complex technologies and technology decisions to less tech-savvy administrators and school board members. It takes out the computer jargon and makes concepts more palatable for beginners. This also could be a wonderful resource for computer and information technology teachers.