Using technology to teach and excite students in the study of science is the aim of famed explorer Robert Ballard and the JASON Project. Best known for his discovery of the shipwrecked Titanic, Ballard has announced the eighth installment of this popular educational series. “JASON XIII: Frozen Worlds” will take students and teachers to some of the colder regions of our planet and solar system, with Alaska and the polar regions as comparative venues. The three main research questions for Frozen Worlds are: What are the dynamic systems of Earth and Space? How do these systems affect life on Earth? What technologies do we use to study these systems, and why? The JASON Project offers students and teachers in grades four through nine a comprehensive, multimedia approach to enhance teaching and learning in science, technology, math, geography, and associated disciplines. The project delivers its educational content through a print curriculum, videos, fully interactive internet programming, and live satellite “telepresence” broadcasts. The award-winning online content from the JASON expedition is being viewed by millions of students in connected classrooms across the world.