Intel Corp. offers a wide range of support for many technology- and science-related initiatives. On a national level, Intel funds programs that advance math, science, or technology education, promote science careers among women and underrepresented minorities, or increase public understanding of technology and its impact. National grants are made either to national projects or to local projects that serve as pilots for national programs. Community grants are viewed with the same priorities and are subject to the same rules as national grants, but they are limited to communities where Intel has a major facility: Chandler, Ariz.; Folston and Santa Clara, Calif.; Rio Rancho, N.M.; Hillsboro, Ore.; Fort Worth, Texas; and DuPont, Wash. Finally, Intel’s Teach to the Future program aims to train two million teachers worldwide. Combined with software and equipment discounts from companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Premio, and Toshiba, Teach to the Future represents approximately a half-billion dollars invested by leading U.S. computer firms in bringing technology to the classroom. Applications for all these programs can be found on Intel’s web site.

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