Increased processing power of computers and the advent of numerous editing software programs have reduced the cost of video editing dramatically. It is now well within the reach and skill level of high school and even middle school students. Here are some of the top video editing software programs for the classroom:

  1. QuickEditor ( This is “shareware,” a very inexpensive form of software in which the developer requests a nominal payment from satisfied customers. QuickEditor is based on the QuickTime technology from Apple, which substantially speeds up the editing process. This program offers the basics, such as scene transitions, titles, and sequencing of video and audio.
  2. VideoFramer ( Another shareware program, offering the ability to do basic fades, wipes, and titles.
  3. Adobe Premiere 6.0 ( Adobe sells commercial software that is more costly but also provides better documentation, instructions, and support. Originally designed for production professionals, this program can easily be run on standard desktop and laptop computers. It is easy to learn and provides an extensive array of editing tools.
  4. Apple Final Cut Pro 2 ( This commercial software uses QuickTime technology. Supplemental software can add capability for advanced editing techniques, such as wipes and dissolves.
  5. Apple iMovie2 Video Editing System ( iMovie2 is less sophisticated and less costly than Final Cut Pro 2, and it can import from either digital or analog video, although users may need to buy add-ons to do so.