NetTV’s line of digital display monitors, the PC+TV Solution, features large-screen devices that double as a television and computer monitor. NetTV’s Progressive Scan technology virtually eliminates flicker and dot crawl found on standard displays or scan-converted solutions, making NetTV a good solution for displaying the internet, Windows applications, digital video discs (DVD), and multimedia, according to the company.

The PC+TV Solution line features a high-resolution Toshiba tube. Its multiscan technology accepts all PC resolutions up to XGA-quality (1,024 x 768), providing added connectivity and versatility to lesson-planning. The devices also can deliver high-definition television (HDTV) images.

The monitors easily connect to VCRs, camcorders, digital cameras, DVD players, and other sources. A front-panel VGA port allows easy access for notebook computers. They also feature dual 12-watt speakers and a built-in subwoofer to fill the classroom with dynamic and realistic sound and minimize distortion found on traditional TVs. Thirty audio and video microprocessor-controlled settings let users customize each monitor and store settings automatically.
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