Technology’s potential to transform learning is powerful, but its potential is far from being realized in most school systems, according to Neil Bush, chief executive officer of educational startup company Ignite! Learning of Austin, Texas.

Bush, a younger brother of President George W. Bush, gave the keynote address on July 30 at the Business to Education Technology Summit presented by eSchool News in San Francisco. In his speech, he called on corporate leaders to develop solutions that are intuitive for teachers to use and that encourage student-centered learning through project-based, collaborative, and multisensory approaches.

“All kids can learn; they just learn differently,” Bush told attendees. “We need to evolve our approach” as educators and solutions providers.

Bush’s company will begin beta-testing an internet-based curriculum product this fall in 12 school districts nationwide. Drawing upon a variety of media types–including video, animation, music, and audio–the content will be delivered to schools via broadband technologies and stored on a local server.

The first Ignite! product will target middle-school students with United States history materials, but the company plans to provide content in additional subject areas when it launches its solution next spring, Bush said.