This useful web site was created in accordance with the eighth-grade chemistry curriculum at Princeton Community Middle School in Princeton, Indiana. The goal of the site is to introduce and explore basic chemistry concepts and to practice these concepts using engaging, web-based research and activities. In the culminating activity, students can perform an Element Adventure WebQuest that requires them to research an element using the internet. Once students have researched their elements, they must develop and perform “commercials” for their elements. Middle school teachers will love this site, which contains five lessons and activities that introduce the periodic table. Other sections include “History of the Periodic Table,” “Inside an Atom,” “Reading the Periodic Table,” “Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids,” and “Teachers’ Corner.” “Inside an Atom” illustrates and discusses the atomic particles and pieces that make up the building blocks of matter. “Reading the Periodic Table” helps first-time chemistry students learn how to examine the information the chart holds. “Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids” dissects the periodic table and divides the elements into these groupings for classification. “Teachers’ Corner” provides a starting place for educators, complete with unit plans, lesson plans, resources, and related web sites.