Teachers and administrators are starting to express interest in using handheld computers (also called personal digital assistants, or PDAs) in the classroom. But a lack of educational software for handhelds has hampered their deployment in classrooms so far. Now, a team of researchers has created small software programs for the Palm operating system that will allow students and teachers to do essential tasks. Announced in June at the National Education Computing Conference in Chicago, the downloads allow for word processing, sketching, manipulating images, creating timelines and family histories, graphing equations, and printing directly from PDAs. Palm Inc. and other companies are helping computer science professor Elliot Soloway and his team develop the software package, though funding comes from the National Science Foundation through an umbrella organization of the University of Michigan, called Highly Interactive Computing in Education (Hi-CE). All software downloads–as well as guides to using PDAs in schools–are available on the Hi-CE web site.