San Diego State University’s geology department has created an online resource that combines print information, movies, and interactive quizzes to disseminate scientific information about volcanism. NASA sponsors the site under the auspices of Project ALERT (Augmented Learning Environment and Renewable Teaching), and it’s intended for the education of preservice teachers, in-service teachers, and students of geology and volcanology. This site is recommended for students just starting to study volcanoes, as well as advanced students, and it covers a broad range of topics, ranging from eruption dynamics, volcano landforms, eruption products, types, historical eruptions, and planetary volcanism. The site contains photos and descriptions of the many different volcanic landforms, such as calderas, lava domes, stratovolcanoes, and formations such as Japan’s Mount Fuji–a shield volcano. The site also provides text and images depicting lava flow types and features, volcanic gases, and climate effects. Budding geologists can read descriptions of historical eruptions, such as the 1980 Mt. St. Helen’s eruption in Washington state, and kids will be interested in the segment titled “Volcanism on other Worlds,” which discusses ancient lunar volcanoes and volcanic activity on planets like Venus and Mars.