The Federal Bureau of Investigation has put together a great web site to show kids what the FBI does, what it is like to be an FBI agent, how the bureau uses trained dogs in investigations, and what kids can do to keep themselves safe. The site’s hosts are two animated Labrador retrievers named Darrell and Shirley, named after two actual FBI crime-fighting dogs. Kids can click on the “bones” to find out more about what the bureau does and take a virtual field trip, accompanied by some animated agents. Agents Maureen and Jose discuss the history of the FBI, show what the badges used to look like in days past, and explain how fingerprinting assists investigations. Back at the home page, the “Safety Tips” icon leads kids to important information about how to keep safe and what to do in emergencies. Finally, students will enjoy the “Working Dogs” segment of the web site. It talks about the different kinds of working dogs employed by the FBI, from service dogs for the disabled, to bomb-sniffing dogs, search and rescue dogs, and narcotics detection dogs. Students can even read biographies and see pictures of some of the Bureau’s real-life canine heroes. It’s a great site for teaching younger kids about safety, crime solving, and investigations.