Effective grant writing is crucial to bringing technology into a classroom. Here are 10 web sites that offer excellent (and free) advice about writing winning grant proposals:

  1. Proposal Writing Short Course (http://www.fdncenter.org/learn/shortcourse/prop1.html). A good introduction to proposal writing, this site breaks down a grant proposal into its component parts and identifies the types of information typically required.
  2. Basic Elements of Grant Writing (http://www.cpb.org/grants/grantwriting.html). Sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), this site provides a general introduction that is relevant for applicants of any grants.
  3. Beginning Grant Writing, An Educator’s Guide (http://www.uml.edu/college/education/faculty/lebaron/GRANTBEGIN). This site includes a good database of grant makers and information about writing grants.
  4. About.com’s Advice for Secondary School Educators (http://www.7-12educators.about.com/education/7-12educators/cs/grantwriting). As its title indicates, this site helps secondary-school educators locate possible sources of funds. It has an online database that enables quick searching.
  5. Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal (http://www.learnerassociates.net/proposal). Developed by Michigan State University, this site identifies the components of grant proposals and shows examples of well-written proposals.
  6. Grant Writing for Educators (http://www.capecod.net/~dkeefe/Grantwriting_for_Educators.htm). This site features more examples of well-written grants, oriented toward education grants of all types and grade levels, and provides links to funding sources.
  7. National Science Foundation Guide for Proposal Writing (http://www.ehr.nsf.gov/EHR/DUE/documents/general/9783/proposal.htm). Breaks down grant proposals into their component parts to explain how to write effective proposals. Includes a section with insight from grant readers about what they look for in proposals.
  8. WestEd’s Tips for Preparing a Successful Proposal (http://www.wested.org/tie/granttips.html). Created by the Education Department’s Western Region educational laboratory, this site features tips for successful grant-writing.
  9. TERC Grant Writing Guide (http://ra.terc.edu/publications/TERC_pubs/TERCGrantManual/TOC.html). Targeted primarily toward high-school science teachers, but has universal applicability. Contains examples of well- written proposals.
  10. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse of Funding Opportunities (http://www.enc.org/professional/funding). This clearinghouse includes articles by grant-seeking professionals, links to funding sources, and a general set of guidelines for grant writing.