Teachers all say they are fed up with the “one-stop workshop” approach to professional development, but most have few alternatives. Now, a new way of networking with and learning from experienced peers is being developed by Teachers Network, a nationwide, nonprofit organization working to support and connect innovative teachers through grants and networking opportunities in the areas of curriculum, leadership, policy, and new media. Sponsored by the AT&T Foundation, the TeachNet Project is currently underway in New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, as well as overseas in Ireland and the United Kingdom. TeachNet seeks to improve student learning and achievement by providing training, grants, networking, and resource-sharing to public school teachers. Teachers have access to curriculum and technical specialists, grants, and a supportive network to further develop their skills. Experienced, computer-savvy teachers serve as “web mentors” to help other teachers learn to develop and publish curriculum units using web-based learning. Teams of teachers design, digitize, and publish web-based curriculum, which is then disseminated to other teachers within their schools and around the world. TeachNet seeks to improve student learning by helping teachers integrate web-based lessons into the classroom.