Virtual field trips offer entertaining and informative extensions of classroom activities. They can be used for multiple purposes, including:

1. A substitute for a site visit when costs or logistics make the visit impossible;

2. Preparing students for a real field trip;

3. Follow-up activities after a real field trip; or

4. Sharing your actual travel experiences or those of your class.

The range of virtual field trips continues to expand. Bigchalk (, for example, has developed a number of trips that bring students the sights and sounds of the natural world.

Among bigchalk’s most popular trips are a Virtual Sea Kayak Expedition to Central American oceans, rivers, canals, and jungles, and the Congo Gorilla Forest that explores the Bronx Zoo’s rainforest exhibit.

Bigchalk also has numerous history-oriented trips, such as a day in the life of Colonial Williamsburg. NASA Quest, developed by NASA, shows astronauts in space and training for various space expeditions.

Here are resources to devise a supplementary program that will help students get the most out of a virtual field trip experience.

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