Most Americans spent September 11 glued to their television sets, trying to come to terms with the horrific terrorist attacks in which four commercial airliners were hijacked and effectively turned into guided missiles, leveling both of New York’s World Trade Center towers and a large section of the Pentagon. In the weeks after the tragedy, parents and educators are still faced with the difficult task of explaining to their children why and how these events could have happened on American soil. There are a number of good internet resources for educators who wish to address this complex issue in class. Most notable is the Cable News Network’s student-focused site, The site provides news, discussion, lesson plans, and activities related to current events, and it archives all resource materials for educators to use at their convenience. By the afternoon of September 11, had published a lesson plan that teachers can use to help students discuss their thoughts and emotions about the terrorist attack. Other lesson plans in the days following the tragedy encouraged students to examine the role of the National Security Council and various relief organizations in dealing with the crisis.