As much as we’d all like our classrooms to have shiny computers on each desktop, the reality is that many classrooms have just one or two computers per class. It can certainly be a challenge for educators to integrate such limited resources into instruction, and there are not many information sources addressing this particular dilemma. But now, a University of Southern Mississippi professor has developed this one-stop hotlist of ideas for the one-computer classroom. This site would be a great resource to
kick off a staff development period, with small groups exploring each page to come up with creative ideas for using computers in education. Topics include lists of strategies and tips for teacher and student use, idea lists for room arrangement and management, bulleted lists of ways teachers can use the computer, and lessons
and short papers on how to make limited hardware resources work effectively. The hotlist also provides educators with a 12-step tip sheet of practical ideas and things to remember when trying to use one computer in the classroom effectively.

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