Bigchalk, a leading provider of instructional
research tools, has announced the newest
version of a premiere online vocabulary
program for students in grades five through12.

The 2001-2002 school year edition of Get a
Clue, Lyceum Communication’s well-known
language tool, will be available only through
bigchalk under an exclusive distribution
agreement between the two companies. The
program focuses on improving reading
comprehension and critical thinking skills
while preparing students for high-stakes

The latest edition of Get a Clue offers several
new features, bigchalk said, including a
simplified set-up program, customized lesson
planning, online pre- and post-tests, and a
redesigned quiz creation tool.

The web-based vocabulary resource contains
more than 1,000 continuously updated words
that are divided into various skill levels and
category themes. Get a Clue’s customized
quizzes allow educators to judge each
student’s comprehension and rate of
retention. The program then develops
performance reports to track personal

Get a Clue was derived from the WATS
(Words and their Stories) System, a
vocabulary acquisition process that aims to
help students learn words in a context they
can remember. The new edition of Get a Clue
costs roughly $3,000 per school.

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