As the use of laptop computers becomes
more common in schools, so does the need
to protect these expensive investments.
American Locker Systems believes it has the
answer with its introduction of two new laptop
storage systems for schools.

The LTS-10, a keyed system, assigns
individual keys to each of 10 vertically
arranged compartments in a single locker.
Each individual key is chosen from one of 16
million combinations and will only work in its
assigned compartment.

The Compu-Lok system is a keyless,
electronic-access system that provides faculty
and student access to a variety of different
types of lockers through the use of electronic
keypads. The simple keypads not only accept
passwords, but also track all locker
transactions for increased security.
Compu-Lok keypads can be programmed to
accept different codes for students sharing
lockers or individual codes for personal

Each type of laptop storage system comes
with optional laptop recharging capabilities,
and the lockers can be used for storing other
valuable materials as well.

Pricing is available only by speaking with a
sales representative through the company’s
toll-free number, which appears below.

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