Palm Inc., known for its handheld devices, has
introduced the m125 pocket computer. The
new device is versatile enough to suit the
needs of both educators and students,
according to Palm.

“From the campus to the workplace, the Palm
m125 handheld is customizable and
expandable to fit your lifestyle,” said Kevin
Hall, the company’s senior vice president of
product management.

The m125 comes with applications to handle
a variety of tasks, including eMail, reading
eBooks, watching movies, conducting
research, and sharing a wealth of technical
information with its user. The device is also
built to connect with new add-ons, including a
collapsible keyboard and digital camera.
While some users may choose to add a
wireless modem, others might opt for a 16MB
backup card for storing information.

The new m125 boasts a new, faster
processor—the Dragonball VZ 33
megahertz—and it can run fully on three AAA
batteries while supporting eight megabytes of
RAM. The m125 also carries with it the latest
Palm software and the company’s signature
Personal Information Management (PIM)

Palm’s m125 sells for $249. The price
includes $100 worth of bundled software
solutions but does not encompass the cost of
add-on tools.

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