Students in the back of the room won’t have to strain their ears to hear the teacher with this new classroom microphone system from Audio Enhancement. According to the company, its new Ultimate Pal is a multispeaker system with a wireless microphone that allows teachers to turn up the volume equally throughout the entire classroom.

The Ultimate Pal is equipped with four portable speakers and a wireless microphone that gives teachers and students alike the opportunity to speak, present, and read from anywhere in the classroom. Adjustable audio controls for tone, balance, and volume allow teachers to move about freely, without having to worry about whether they can be heard clearly by every student. The new system also has volume controls for individual speakers, so teachers can concentrate their voices on one or more specific areas of the room. The Ultimate Pal is different from past generations of the company’s wireless audio systems because, unlike its predecessors, it does not operate on FM radio frequencies. Instead, it uses infrared light technology. By eliminating the need for radio channels, the newest version allows a school to operate several systems simultaneously without being forced to use up a set number of government-allocated radio frequencies, the company said.

The Ultimate Pal also allows for group teaching, giving instructors the chance to use more than one microphone together on a single system. There are inputs for TV,VCR, and multimedia tools. The four-speaker, one-microphone system costs $1,795. The product is also available without the wireless microphone for $1,595.

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