Bucket Buddies allows students to become scientists. This online program lets students in classes and schools from all over the globe participate in a study that asks the question: Are the organisms found in pond water the same all over the world? After sampling the water in nearby ponds, classes have the opportunity to post observations and findings on the internet. Next, the child scientists compare their data with online reports from other participating schools. Later, they have an opportunity to make deductions about what types of macroinvertebrates (animals without backbones) live in fresh water ponds around the world. The program is designed for students in grades one through five, but if teachers don’t want their students squishing about in a pond, there are instructions for how they can collect the samples themselves. There are two yearly session of the Bucket Buddies, in fall and spring. Registration for fall has closed, but classes can follow along with other schools’ findings to prepare for the spring session. This site also contains a valuable list of links that will help teachers identify local macroinvertebrates. It’s a great resource for teaches interested in project-based learning.