Founded by two math teachers, this homework web site ties directly to students’ commonly used textbooks to provide immediate help on homework assignments. Students purchase a subscription to the site to work through homework in the evenings and on weekends. During the school day, however, the site is free to teachers to help them easily and quickly work through homework questions during class time. This allows educators more time to work on higher levels of math instruction. For example, when a teacher gets to the “Library Page” for the math subject in question, he or she can choose the exact textbook used in class. Once you’ve selected your book, all you need to do is enter a page number and select a problem to go to the Hotmath Tutor. Hotmath has selected the most popular textbooks, all listed by subject, and complete with author and publisher information. The site also features step-by-step problem solving through interactive questions and hints, advanced math typography, and the Hotmath Graph Window.