A former Hellertown, Pa., teacher suspended for 220 days for insubordination has launched a web site to expose what he calls “malpractice and abuse of power” by school district officials.

Dale Schneck is the proprietor of teacherinexile.com, which claims to stand up to “bureaucratic bullies who are clueless in the classroom.”

The site accuses the Saucon Valley School District in Northampton County of having overcrowded schools, declining standardized test scores, poor security at the high school, and poor morale at the elementary school.

Saucon Valley School District Superintendent Ralph Tarola derided the site as highly inaccurate. “It looks fairly creative and it will certainly be worth its weight in entertainment value,” Tarola told the Express-Times of Easton.

Referring to himself in the third person, Schneck writes on the web site, “The public seldom learns of the double standards that run rampant to the detriment of many students and their parents. Schneck believes ‘enough is enough’ and that it is time to hold public employees and elected school directors accountable.”

Schneck’s dispute with the school district reportedly began in 1998 over an incident dubbed “Pennygate.”

As the adviser to the Panther Press school newspaper and an 11-year district employee, Schneck said he had been checking out a story his students wanted to write about the cafeteria’s alleged policy of not giving a penny change for 99-cent muffins.

School officials wanted to meet with Schneck about an accusation that he had yelled at a cafeteria worker, but Schneck refused unless he could bring two student reporters with him. The district refused, saying it was a personnel matter, and Schneck skipped the meeting, according to court records. He was then suspended and has since left the school district, but he is still embroiled in a legal dispute over back pay and other issues.

It was not immediately known whether the district would take action against the web site.