The students and teachers at Pine River Middle School in LeRoy, Mich., have found several ways to incorporate technology into the curriculum. This site shares their ideas and provides a comprehensive list of projects in several major subject areas, including math, science, social studies, and literature. Here, students and teachers show how they used computers and the internet to study Shakespeare, explore Alaska, travel the Oregon Trail, and even master their multiplication tables. Several project examples range from basic introductions of a topic to full research units and ideas completed by the students. The site also provides links and ideas for students to become more web-oriented. They can explore Microsoft Excel, develop spreadsheets, and even take a crash course in Microsoft PowerPoint. The school gives its permission to use any of the lesson projects in whole or in part. The goal of the site is to create a learning environment where students are successful and learn according to their abilities, while reinforcing and extending the middle school curriculum into areas of technology.