Advantage Learning Systems has developed its first major software product for assessing mathematics skills in the classroom. Similar to the company’s STAR Reading program, which has been purchased by more than 8,000 schools since its introduction in 1996, STAR Math uses computer-adaptive technology to adjust the difficulty of test questions based on a student’s responses during testing.

By matching test questions to a student’s ability, the computer-adaptive test yields accurate scores more quickly than traditional tests. STAR Math also generates about 10 different types of reports to aid in student placement, to track student and class progress throughout the year, and to communicate with parents.

STAR Math will be available for single-computer or school-wide use beginning this fall. The single-computer license, at $399, allows for multiple testing of up to 40 students. The schoolwide license, at $1,499, offers network or unlimited testing for up to 200 students.

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