Educators wondering how to incorporate multimedia elements seamlessly into the curriculum have a powerful new tool with ATI’s All-In-Wonder PC upgrade card. The All-In-Wonder product can be installed easily into any Pentium computer. It enables teachers to output video from the computer to a video screen, capture stills of live motion video from the web or television, and edit footage for use in the classroom.

All-In-Wonder 128 includes an intelligent TV-tuner with a digital VCR, 128 bit 3-D graphics acceleration, true color gaming, video output to a TV or VCR, still image and MPEG-2 motion video capture, video editing, hardware DVD video playback, and up to 32 MB of memory.

A number of educational applications for the device already have been tested in the classroom. For example, a high school physics teacher in Schenectady, N.Y., helps his students learn by incorporating video footage of everyday physics principles into his class. He uses a camcorder to shoot video of a garden hose being held at different angles depending on where the water is supposed to fall, then downloads the video to the computer in his classroom using All-In-Wonder and outputs the video to a LCD screen for display.

The upgrade card requires Windows 95 or 98, a Pentium chip, a sound card supported by Windows 95 or 98, a CD-ROM drive, and a DVD-ROM drive for DVD playback.

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