With the explosion of compact discs and digital video discs, many technology users are experiencing problems with damaged and scratched discs. After more than five years of research, Digital Innovations has released DataDoctor, the first CD and DVD scratch repair kit, according to the company. Intended to save users money on replacing damaged discs, DataDoctor was designed by a former NASA scientist and an experienced consumer products engineer and has won the prestigious “Design Distinction” award from ID Magazine. DataDoctor’s machine-provided control makes it easy even for novices to repair discs without risk of damaging the CD further or dealing with messy paste repair kits, according to Digital Innovations. The company offers a lifetime warranty: if DataDoctor fails to perform to specifications for any reason, the consumer can return it to the company for free repair or replacement. Units carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $34.99, and certified retailers can be identified on the company’s web site.

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