When it comes to putting up a district-wide Web site, the most important issues faced by school administrators and technical coordinators are security, flexibility, simplicity, and control. School Center addresses all of these issues—and more.

“With School Center, every school, team, club, and classroom in a district can have their own site within the district’s main site,” says C. Robert Leininger, former state superintendent of education for the state of Illinois, and now School Center director of corporate relations. “That helps bring everyone together, including parents, teachers, and the community as a whole.”

In addition to being extremely flexible and inclusive, School Center is also very secure. Only authorized personnel can give people the access needed to make changes.

School Center is also completely free of advertising. The only promotional elements on the site would be ones the district decided to put up.

And lastly, School Center is extremely easy to license. While other sites have complex licensing agreements, just one School Center agreement covers your entire district.

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