School computer labs are no longer down the hall in many schools; laptops are moving them into the classroom. As laptops become more popular with educators, one site aims to show that convenience and ease-of-use do not always make for simple implementation. “Learning with Laptops” was designed to put the use of these new technology tools into perspective. The site offers teachers and administrators a chance to get feedback on products and software and to make better choices based on peer evaluations. The site offers product reviews, laptop horror stories, recommendations on implementation, and related news headlines about laptop technology. A section titled “First Year Laptop Reflections” allows teachers and administrators to look back on the hindsight of their peers before making decisions or purchases they might regret in the future. Created by a husband-and-wife team of educators with a combined 38 years of experience teaching kids and adults how to make better use of computers, Learning with Laptops is updated weekly and provides several links to other areas of laptop-user interest across the web.

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