Educators looking for a portable computer that compares to a PC in both price and functionality should consider this new product from Compaq Computer Corp.

The Compaq Notebook 100 sells for just $1,112 and has the power of similarly priced desktop computers. This small, lightweight laptop features a 475 MHz AMD processor, 512K of external Level 2 cache, accelerated graphics, a 24x CD-ROM drive, 5.0 GB hard drive, and a 56K modem. It comes with your choice of 4 or 8 MB of memory, Windows 98, Microsoft Word, Norton Anti-Virus, Winfax software, Adobe Acrobat, and Compaq Internet software.

“It’s a really nice package, at a reasonable size and an incredible price,” said Jake Schlumpf, director of education product management at Compaq. The Compaq Notebook 100 can also be configured with a wide variety of leading productivity and utility applications, according to the company.

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