Inquisite 3.0, a recent upgrade to Catapult Systems’ electronic and web-based survey system, is designed to make asking questions and finding answers easy. Whether you’re giving a survey over the internet, an intranet, by eMail, diskette, or scannable paper forms, this product eliminates data entry, improves accuracy, and reduces response time, according to Catapult Systems.

Inquisite 3.0 lets you create intelligent, professional-looking surveys in just a few minutes. You can customize the look and feel of your survey by adding logos, backgrounds, images, or HTML templates. For security, web-based surveys and responses are protected by a firewall. Inquisite also authenticates the respondent’s identity, making sure that each respondent is entitled to complete the survey and does so only once.

The software’s collection and analysis mechanisms build flexibility into the survey process by letting users create customized reports. Inquisite will export data to several popular analysis software applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or SPSS. The product is available through Catapult Systems’ web site.

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