Enterprises Computing Services Inc. (ECS), a software development and services company based in Woodstock, Ga., has released a comprehensive web-based data warehousing solution for school districts.

Called e-D3 (ee-dee-cube), the system lets superintendents, administrators, and other policymakers collect and store data in one central location, allowing them to access the data easily over an internet-based network and analyze the information to help them make numbers-based decisions. The software can be used to track grades, attendance, spending, and student demographics; discover trends; and determine learning-related costs.

e-D3, short for “Electronic Data Driven Decisions,” takes data from legacy systems and other information systems used throughout a district and organizes the data into one centralized system. Data can be collected, processed, stored, and reported in-house using any database server. e-D3 also generates internet report cards and automatically outputs the required local, state, and federal reports, according to ECS. The system is scalable to fit small or large school districts, the company said.

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