Despite a loss of momentum at the national level, the educational standards movement continues to make headway overall as school administrators, politicians, and civic leaders seek to improve the performance of students and the accountability of educators. Here is a comprehensive list of web sites that provide information about state education standards.


– Developing Educational Standards ( Provides curriculum standards and frameworks grouped by state, subject area, and organization.

– Eisenhower National Clearinghouse State Frameworks ( Gives extensive information about state standards in math and science.

– International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Technology Standards ( Gives extensive information about state technology standards for K-12 schools, using three separate subsites that provide additional information for school administrators, teachers, and students.

– ( Provides educational standards for each state, matched to lesson plans and resources.

Lesson plans and other resource materials

– AOL@School Lessons and Projects ( Provides teachers with a searchable database of lesson plans that correlate to state standards.

– Bigchalk MediaSeek ( Delivers lesson plans, sample curricula, and teaching tips to help K-12 educators present material that matches educational standards.

– Copernicus Education Gateway ( This search engine and database can find lesson plans tagged to state standards.

– ( This database helps teachers and administrators select educational software that meets state standards.

Assessments and test performance

– ( This is a clearinghouse of assessments, based on state standards.

– ( Provides information on assessments in every state.

– National Center for Education Statistics ( This is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing educational data.

– The Nation’s Report Card ( This site gives assessment results in every content area.

Research and standards development

– Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning Standards ( Provides standards-centered research, practice, and evaluation.

– National Center on Education and the Economy ( Explains how to design and implement standards-based education.

– Measured Progress ( Gives users a standards-based testing program to supplement state assessments.

– ( Provides products and services that promote standards-based assessment and classroom practices.