The peregrine falcon battled its way back from near extinction and was officially removed from the endangered species list in 1999. Now, with the help of this site, students can follow scientists as they seek to learn more about these beautiful, resourceful birds. The site’s virtual “Net Detective” greets student visitors and takes them through the story of several falcons nesting high on a Cleveland skyscraper. As students follow the falcons’ stories, they are presented with pictures and narratives supplied by an Ohio Division of Wildlife volunteer. The pictures offer close-range, action-packed photos of the birds in their habitat and the narratives confront issues of falcon survival, from mating to the rehabilitation of these animals. The links at the top of the home page allow students to watch falcons nesting and interacting, read stories about some of the feathered stars, and learn about the latest falcon research and conservation endeavors. The site is most active during the nesting season, which runs concurrent with many schools’ spring semester.