Cambridge Development Laboratories recently launched its new premium program for school administrators, designed to allow administrators to determine whether the software they’ve selected complies with their state curriculum standards. The site’s proprietary search engine allows educators to describe the software they want and Edumatch finds it for them. The site allows users to see precisely which standards, down to the substrand level, are addressed by every piece of software they’ve purchased and how every piece of software fits into each school’s needs, by subject and grade level. Edumatch is hosted by Digby the furry animated badger, who digs into thousands of titles from more than 150 educational publishers. For every title Digby finds, Edumatch provides a detailed description, a list of state standards addressed, all features included, and reviews from independent journals and other educators. Schools in the program can check to see what resources they have on hand to meet every one of the state standards for which their students will be tested. In other words, the site provides the information school leaders need to remediate specific learning gaps and integrate software into their classroom curriculum. Administrators also can see online and in real time how promptly and efficiently the sites in their district are spending the software budgets they’ve been allotted and can prevent wasteful spending.