This new site from McGraw-Hill’s Aviation Week will tweak the curiosity of K-6 students and inspire youngsters to learn more about the wonders of flight. Liftoff Education supplies teachers with full lesson plans that focus on weather science, physics, and mathematics. Teachers can simply go to the site and choose whatever topic suits them best. There are four clickable topic choices: “Astronomy and Space,” “Forces in Motion,” “Life in Flight,” and “Weather and Climate.” Each topic contains several lesson plans of varying length and levels of difficulty. Every lesson is intended to focus on one of four main goals: to enrich math curriculum, develop science-related concepts, expand social studies knowledge, or provide quality information and ideas that can be tied into existing curricula. There is also a guide for teachers that can be used to integrate each lesson into the curriculum. The guide breaks down each individual lesson in terms of a four-step process for teaching. The first step-“Now Boarding”-is used to engage students in an introductory exercise that proposes a research question. The “Test Flight” feature supplies a hands-on activity that demonstrates the main concept behind the lesson. “Landing” revisits the original discussion question to make sure students have grasped the idea. Finally, “Connecting Flight” demonstrates how the concept can be successfully applied to related areas of study. The site also includes links to helpful resources focused on existing scholarships or career choices for students interested in science, math, and flight.

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