Clean Slate 1.1 from Fortres Grand Corp.

Fortres Grand’s Clean Slate 1.1 aims to wipe the board clean—keeping school computers virus- and problem-free.

The company says its new product, which automatically restores system drives back to their original configuration with every reboot, will keep public-access computers from storing unwanted viruses or dangerous programs.

Within seconds, Clean Slate’s program automatically scours any computer back to its original settings, eliminating any changes that may have been intentionally or unintentionally made by the previous user. Clean Slate will erase any added files, installed software, viruses, icons, and Trojan horses—anything that was not added as part of the system’s original and intended configuration.

If administrators wish, they can tailor the Clean Slate program so that it restores certain drives and leaves others as they are. A password is required to alter those settings.

According to Fortres Grand, this easy-to-install program takes only minutes to implement and requires no additional attention or updates. Pricing for Clean Slate varies depending on the number of machines: a single-user license is $49; up to 15 users, $279; up to 100 users, $495. For an unlimited number of users, the cost is $595.

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