NetSupport TCO, from NetSupport Inc., is designed to cut down on computer-related costs for schools and institutions by combining several network management functions into one easy-to-use desktop suite.

According to the company, TCO (short for “total cost of ownership”) instantly slashes computer networking costs by decreasing the number of software vendors being managed, improving help-desk support, enforcing systems’ original configurations, and making new programs and technology easier to implement across several machines.

NetSupport TCO can determine or make alterations to any or all computers on the network automatically. It can identify the presence of illegal or overused software on a machine. It can add needed tools and icons to several computers at once. It also can detect any missing hardware or software from networked machines, update virus detection capabilities, and take immediate inventories for payment and network management purposes. With TCO, all this and more can be done from a single desktop, saving time and money in the process.

Pricing for this product varies but is estimated at $40 per license. The company does offer education discounts and price cuts on high-volume orders. To receive exact pricing information for a specific order, contact a sales representative.

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