School boards can increase their internal communications and efficiency, as well as their interaction with administrators, by using electronic bulletin boards. Once school board members get accustomed to using bulletin boards, they will become more knowledgeable participants at meetings and on projects. In short, a better board will emerge.

The bulletin boards can be used for regularly updating board members on news from around the school district and on specific board business. Board leaders can solicit input on proposals prior to board meetings so that meetings can run more efficiently, with less contention, and be more focused on solutions rather than problems.

These bulletin boards can be created easily by members of almost any school district’s IT staff. Learning to use the message boards is no harder than using eMail.

Some districts that have switched to electronic bulletin boards report becoming so efficient that they’ve reduced the number of meetings they need to hold each year. Preparation for these meetings also requires far less effort on the part of the board’s staff members, since departments within the district can submit information electronically for board reports.

abstracted from “The Practicality of an Electronic Board Agenda”
The School Administrator, December 2001, page 32