Not all the dinosaurs are extinct. At least, not according to these two computer-related sites. Low End Mac and Low End PC provide a place for teachers and administrators to discuss ways to revive outdated machines and to evaluate options available as a result of new technologies. The idea is for schools and teachers to get the greatest value out of their available computing options. The sites are very basic and run without frames, Java, or other complicated programs, so the most basic of users can explore them fully. The Low End Mac site gives teachers and administrators still operating on Macintosh IIX machines and older the opportunity to read up on ways to make their machines more useful and efficient. It also provides links to success stories and profiles of newer machines with greater capabilities. For those considering upgrades, the site explores several options and costs. For those limited by budget constraints, the site examines proven ways and new suggestions for getting the most out of an outdated machine. Low End PC, which focuses on older Windows-based PCs, does not provide as many in-depth profiles of new and old machines as its Mac counterpart. The site does, however, provide several links to support for low-end PC machines. It also is packed with stories, articles, and evaluations about uses of PC technology, both new and old. Developed by Cobweb Publishing, each site provides access to low end computer-related forums and eMail lists that cover all types of machines.