Students and teachers can explore the history and evolution of science through “Pieces of Science,” an online gallery of educational resources related to 16 science artifacts. From Benjamin Franklin’s lighting rod, to the stars as seen by the crew of Apollo 8, to the first genetically cloned sheep, this site from the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia and the Science Museum of London combines a number of significant scientific achievements into one virtual, interactive gallery. Created by teachers and online museum educators, “Pieces of Science” provides an index of topics that includes many of the major scientific advancements and achievements of our time. All of the artifacts in the online gallery are exhibited in one of the two founding museums. By selecting a topic and clicking on its link, teachers can receive historical information, visual aids, lesson plans for the classroom, and suggestions for student assignments. For United States-based educators, the resources are conveniently laid out in an age-appropriate fashion, with separate lesson plans recommended for varying degrees of difficulty and maturity.