Think innovation. Think change. The School Renewal WebCenter provides a place for teachers, administrators, and parents to discuss ways to share new ideas for bettering the learning experience in and out of school. This comprehensive site includes strategies for improving the educational impact of schools on students. It also offers decision-makers a chance to look at dilemmas faced by other districts and the solutions their peers have found in regard to these problems. The site also lets educators explore various “scripts,” or philosophies concerning the advancement of education. The Academy script focuses on how schools can better promote student mastery of certain subjects. The Community script was designed to inform children about their ability to influence the world around them, and the Economy script stresses the need to prepare students for life after graduation in an increasingly global economy. The School Renewal WebCenter is a place for collaborative thinking about school rejuvenation, and educators are encouraged to add ideas to the WebCenter, either by writing a review of a web site, discussing a strategy that has been effective in your own school renewal efforts, or discussing any of the ideas, strategies, or resources found at the WebCenter.