Created by educators at Duval County Schools in Florida, this attractive site uses technology to enable students to learn more about the patterns and destructive potential of nature’s most dangerous storms. Its goal is to help students understand the atmospheric conditions that lead to stormy weather and learn to cope with the often devastating impact of storms on the world around them. The site incorporates several interactive features and lessons designed to meet national and Sunshine State standards. The site’s “Hotlist” provides a starting point of internet links for a study of weather and its impact on people, while its “Scrapbook” feature allows learners to create their own personalized, web-based multimedia scrapbook of weather-related images. The site also provides teachers and students with several interactive lesson plans. “Weather Hunt” aims to teach students how to read weather maps, and “Storm Sampler” provides the means to educate learners about different types and degrees of storms. With the sampler, students can explore the effects of everything from tropical storms to funnel clouds and hurricanes. Finally, the “Perfect Storm” lesson provides insight into the effects of storms on the people that must live through them, using the now-infamous storm that hit the East Coast in 1991 as an example. The site’s “Teacher” page explains how best to integrate these online lessons and activities into your science curriculum.