Techs4schools, sponsored by Compaq Computer Corp. and the nonprofit group TECH CORPS, is a free, interactive mentoring program that connects information technology (IT) professionals with schools to create a web-based support structure that teachers and schools can turn to for technology support and advice. Techs4schools was created to offer volunteer technical assistance to all district- and school-based teachers, technology coordinators, and integration specialists. TECH CORPS recently unveiled its next generation of Techs4chools, featuring improved functionality and expanded capabilities to provide its IT volunteers with the best vehicle to share their knowledge and expertise with schools. New features include easier online communications between teams, streamlined navigation, and a user login that enables individuals to experience the online community and threaded discussion groups firsthand before registering. In addition, Techs4schools soon will introduce “Expert Groups” made up of five to 10 certified experts in a specific industry, who will be available to all registered members to answer questions and discuss issues specifically related to the group’s area of expertise. The first two groups of experts will cover the areas of “Wireless” and “Accessibility.”