This new line of products from Apple Computer puts on wheels and on the move virtually everything teachers would need to integrate digital media content into the classroom.

The Mobile Digital Media Studio consists of a portable cart that comes complete with eight wireless iBook laptops, a scanner, a digital camera, a digital video camcorder, headphones, and microphones. Also included in the package is a video projector, which allows teachers and students to share what they have created with the entire class.

If security and mobility are an issue, the storage cart provides educators with a portable, convenient, and secure way to transport and share the technology throughout the entire school.

Apple offers two other Digital Media Studios as well: the Professional Digital Media Studio provides students and teachers with access to the industry’s most advanced digital editing components, while the Custom Digital Media Studio offers schools all the products needed to transform existing Apple machines into complex digital media tools.

Apple’s hope is that these digital studios will provide students with new ways of communicating and expressing themselves. The Mobile Digital Media Studio sells for $19,999, while the Professional Digital Media Studio goes for $27,499. The Custom Digital Media Studio starts at $2,399.

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