Integrated Classroom, from bigchalk Inc., is a new online tool designed to add immediacy and relevancy to any classroom lesson with engaging, supplemental online content.

The product gives teachers access to selected internet resources, multimedia content, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles drawn from the company’s bigchalk Library subscription database, as well as an archive of more than 15,000 lesson plans. All resources contained within Integrated Classroom are correlated to both textbooks and state and national standards, thanks to MediaSeek’s correlation technology.

Teachers can select from three methods to locate content matching their needs. The Subject view provides resources for more than 100 of the most studied topics for each K-12 grade and subject. The Textbook view presents resources mapped to the most widely used textbooks for each grade and subject, and the State Standards view offers resources correlated to state standards and assessments.

The product’s “advanced content management system” allows the company to customize Integrated Classroom to meet the individual needs of each district. This optional customization service enables educators to align the product’s online resources to the specific textbooks, supplementary curriculum, and standards used in their own districts—for an additional fee.

To accommodate for various budgets, bigchalk allows for the product to be licensed at the district, school, or classroom level.

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