This new suite of products from Century Consultants provides everything teachers and administrators need to track, manage, and maintain school-related information via the web.

For teachers, Star_Student allows them to track and consult student schedules, attendance charts, grading, and personal records. If a teacher needs information about a student quickly, this web-based program gives the teacher that access with the click of a button.

Star_Learning provides the ability to correlate standardized test results and allows teachers and administrators to evaluate the specific strengths and weaknesses of individual kids.

For administrators, Star_Finance offers a program that keeps track of payroll and several other budgeting and accounting needs of schools. From personnel records to invoicing, the product helps school leaders keep their books in order.

Finally, Star_Mobile allows teachers and administrators to make all of this information available wherever and whenever it is needed most by providing access to school records via the use of handheld devices.

Pricing for the entire Star_Base School Suite is based on the number of students covered, training and services included, and product components used. For more information, contact a company representative.

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